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16-Dec-2017 22:22

If you pause the program in VS, the Form1 will be ‘no responding’. But we still have a question, with reference to Actual Results section, how did you pause and look at all threads of execution?How can I get dgd Applications_Mouse Click to execute?I have a form with a Data Grid View and a Button, both having Causes Validation = true.I've seen several posts here and on other sites that are similar to my question/problem, but have never really seen anything directly on-target and with a good answer (if I missed one in my search, please point me to it! Please forgive me if this is long, but I want to give as complete/accurate a descriptions as I can... I have a Windows form with side-by-side datagridviews (dgd Applications & dgd Eligible Files).dgd Applications is set for Full Row Select and validation (Causes Vailidation = true).Can you provide the actual steps that you used I did this:1) New WF app2) Add a DGV and create 4 columns named CDS, First Name, Last Name & Email3) Handle the Row Validating event and add the above code to it4) Run5) Type a value in the first cell (cause the DGV to create a new row and consider the current row's New Row = false)6) Hit ESC7) Row is removed8) Type a value in the first cell (same as 5)9) Hit the down arrow or click out of the grid10) Messsagebox from Row Validating event is shown.

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Cancel = true, the Data Grid View never regains focus, the CPU usage goes to 100% and the application hangs forever. Here is my Row Validating code: Note: I have determined that any access to dgv Main. Row Index] (EVEN TO CHECK IF ITS NULL) will cause the dataerror to go nuts when hitting the escape key. Also, if I try to Watch anything in the de****, it says the DGV has 6 rows (it should have had 6 before, 5 after you hit escape and cancel the edit). Rows[4] it times out and then my debugging doesnt work anymore after that, but if I try to view any other row it works fine. Is there anyway I can get this to work, or to disable the ability to cancel editing with the Escape key Thanks-Adam Does anyone know how I can work around this This is a pretty big issue.