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27-Jul-2017 01:44

This includes Perception, Friend-Making, and of course Dating. Of course I'm reading other things too, but I may not give a review for it.

Alright, well, to start off, I plan on making an E-Book on Social Interactions.

So here's a list of books I'm gonna read(You can expect some reviews this year): Double Your Dating 2nd Edition -David Deangelo*We've all read this at least once, right?

Well, I gotta brush up on the fundamentals.*Attraction Isn't a Choice -David Deangelo *If you read DYD, you gotta read this, no?

*The Mystery Method -Mystery *The classic PUA book.*Magic Bullets -Savoy *MB is the new TMM.*College Dating Domination -Mark Redman*If "College" wasn't in it, I wouldn't have bought it.

Ponder this for a second: Should we really be reading books in order to learn?

*He is “The” most active PUA coach when it comes to Stripper Game and picking up hired guns [bartenders, etc.].

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Tweet Every year, a reputable source in the PUA community would present his list of top Pick-Up Artists of the year.

*He’s been tearing up the bloggersphere for the past few years via solid Game and in-field prowess.