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14-Nov-2017 21:30

Critical reception for the series was mixed, with The A. Rihanna might, famously, not be looking for a man, but when she finds one, the internet is bound to track him down.One such speculation: Last summer, Jameel attended a Stevie Wonder concert in London’s Hyde Park with the supermodel Naomi Campbell—the same Naomi Campbell who, earlier this year, assured the world on , Jameel and Rihanna have been “spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious.” So while Rihanna and her new friend have only just reached the lenses of the paparazzi—and our attention—it’s possible this has been going on long enough to cause some tension between supermodel and singer.An alternate hypothesis: There’s really no beef, nothing to see here, move along. Rod; Rihanna, after dating a series of musicians including Drake and the rapper Travis Scott, found herself a billionaire. ”, then I'll share some fun facts about Rihanna's rumored new bae. Alarcon plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid. One thing that undoubtedly sucks about being an A-list celebrity is that when you make out with some unknown guy in a swimming pool at a "posh villa" in Spain, paparazzi might snap several shots of it.

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People magazine reports that Lea is dating Zandy Reich, the president of clothing company AYR aka All Year Round.Months ago, Andy Cohen asked Campbell if she had any beef with Rihanna, who she apparently unfollowed on Instagram.