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I've been seeing a lot of criticisms that each queen's tally of wins throughout the season didn't count for anything in actually winning the crown. One might disagree with Ru's about who won each lip sync, but the overall structure doesn't seem fundamentally unfair. Although Peppermint's performance was more subdued, that swirling costume and wig reveal stole the show, and it seems like Again, Shea served up a totally tight, professional performance... Who would have guessed that some rose petals and a wig reveal would give us one of the most searingly gorgeous, unexpected moments in Drag Race herstory?

For better or worse, the entire competitive nature of this show is based entirely on the whims of Ru -- she's the one who awarded each queen their wins week by week, so if she doesn't want to account for those in making her final decision, that's also her choice. I'm sure it didn't work on but I can't stop thinking about it. And in her most effective performances, she uses that artistry to complement the emotional intensity of the moment.

I spent most of the last two weeks traveling (to Portugal!

) for my honeymoon, so I didn't make plans with anyone to chat about this finale.

As fans of drag, how could we expect anything better than seeing these two queens perform with each other?

One of my favorite aspects of All Stars Season 2 was seeing the winning queens lip sync against each other every week -- it was so great to see them on the top of their game, exulting in their victory rather than desperately trying to keep their spot.

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